Operation Bletchley

Operation Bletchley: Day 8 Sitrep

Operation Bletchley is raising money for ABF The Soldiers’ Charity, the National Charity of the British Army and you can make a real difference. Established amongst the planning for D-Day in 1944, the charity was created to ensure that every soldier, veteran and family member in need receives the help they require.

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Stories below are all courtesy of Operation Bletchley and ABF The Soldiers’ Charity, not my own work.

Berlin : 40 Miles

8 miles – Ruins of the Reichstag

Earlier today, we received intelligence about a package concealed in the ruins of the Reichstag – and it was my mission to find it. The building is on the fringes of the Soviet zone, so the FSS dropped me at the Victory Column in the Tiergarten and let me cover the last few miles on foot.

The area is heavily patrolled by Soviet troops, so I had to pick my way carefully through the rubbish and smashed vodka bottles that littered the streets. Despite my best efforts, I was spotted by a member of the MGB lurking beneath the Brandenburg Gate, so I picked up the pace, recovered the package and got out of there.

The package was full of camera film, so I went back to base straight away to get it developed. The photographs showed a build-up of troops in Soviet barracks, along with a number of classified documents. By monitoring the barracks and tracking troop and equipment numbers, HQ will now be able to predict any Soviet attempt to invade the Western Zones.

After handing over the photographs to my superiors, I was given another message to decode.

Day 55th January 20221.78 miles walked
Day 66th January 20221.66 miles walked
Day 77th January 20221.76 miles walked
Day 88th January 20221.22 miles walked

12.74 miles walked 27.26 miles to go

CodeJuniorCodebreakerCypher Expert
2SolvedSolveddrawing lots of lines
3expected 9 Janexpected 9 Janexpected 9 Jan
4not yet receivednot yet receivednot yet received
5not yet receivednot yet receivednot yet received
6not yet receivednot yet receivednot yet received
7not yet receivednot yet receivednot yet received
8not yet receivednot yet receivednot yet received
9not yet receivednot yet receivednot yet received
10not yet receivednot yet receivednot yet received

The Balkans : 80 Miles

16 miles – Blow the Bridge

Tito’s liaison officer treated me to breakfast, then I packed up my supplies and left Jajce behind. The road to Vilišća was direct, which meant it was also heavily trafficked. So I used my map to plot a safer, if slightly more gruelling, route through the mountains.

Arriving in Vilišća, a hamlet South West of Ljoljići, I found a small band of Tito’s partisans. They have plans to sabotage a guarded railway bridge on the north side of the hamlet, and my package of explosives and detonators are the key ingredient.

I wandered through Vilišća, bracing myself for my first taste of combat, when I was suddenly met by British signaller, Sergeant Peretz ‘Rose’ Rosenberg. He handed me an envelope with coded intel from Bletchley Park: reports of Nazi troops moving through the area. I must leave immediately to get the message to my contact near Javorovac. The bridge will have to be left to Tito’s band.

Slipping the documents back into the envelope, I found another coded message to solve.

24 miles – The Climb

I left Vilišća in the late afternoon. Flurries of snow drifted in off the surrounding mountains, snuffing out the light as I passed through the ruinous village of Močioci. I was met by more of Tito’s partisans who warned of Serb Chetniks closing in on the area, so I searched your map for an alternate route to your rendezvous near Javorovac.

I made your way across a vast, snow-covered plain of abandoned farmland to steer clear of the enemy. The elements, however, were a different matter. Bitter winds howled through my hood and pierced my gloves, but I pulled your scarf closer and trudged on. At the far end of the farm, I found a steep trail into the mountains and began my ascent.

The alpine canopy offered some respite from the wind, but the snow was deeper here. Every step was more trying than the last, my boots gripped by fingers of snow. My vision blurred as sweat poured from my body, but I trudged on. And then I saw it. At first nothing more than a shadow, perhaps only a mirage. But as I moved closer, a shepherd’s mountain shelter painted itself into the snow-flecked darkness. I burst through the door and hunkered down in the draughty shelter. Sleep took me almost immediately.

I was shaken back to life by a partisan courier. As I handed over the intel from Sergeant Peretz ‘Rose’ Rosenberg, the courier directed me to Glavica to make contact with a VIP from England. He also gave me another code to crack. .

Day 55th January 20224.33 miles walked
Day 66thJanuary 20223.56 miles walked
Day 77th January 20223.48 miles walked
Day 88th January 20223.64 miles walked

30.89 miles walked 49.11 miles to go

CodeJuniorCodebreakerCypher Expert
1SolvedSolvedBaffled so far
2SolvedSolvedNeed a lightbulb moment!
4not yet receivednot yet receivednot yet received
5not yet receivednot yet receivednot yet received
6not yet receivednot yet receivednot yet received
7not yet receivednot yet receivednot yet received
8not yet receivednot yet receivednot yet received
9not yet receivednot yet receivednot yet received
10not yet receivednot yet receivednot yet received

I’m annoyed with myself that yesterday’s walk wasn’t far enough to get another clue on the Berlin challenge today. I have a couple of sedentary days next week, but also some days where I should be able to fit in a slightly longer walk. I am very pleased that I finally cracked a Cypher Expert code on the Balkans challenge. Huge thanks to Mum for her help in code cracking!

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