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What have I learned in August?

Pharos Intermediate Certificate I passed the final courses for the certificate, Military Records with a pass at 73% and Victorian Crime and Punishment with a distinction at 82%. I now actually have a qualification in genealogy and feel a little less of a fraud. Strathclyde’s Post Graduate Certificate in Genealogy, Heraldry and Palaeography I am […]

What have I learned in July?

Pharos Intermediate Certificate I passed the one of the two final courses for the certificate, Military Records with a pass at 73% and I’m now just wating for my marks for Victorian Crime and Punishment. Strathclyde’s Post Graduate Certificate in Genealogy, Heraldry and Palaeography I intend to spend some of the summer catching up on […]

What have I learned in June?

Pharos Intermediate Certificate I gained 70.7 marks for 17th Century Sources, which means that so long as I score 50% or more on the two final courses I have passed the Certificate overall, as an average of 60% is required over the ten courses, and at least 50% on each class. I am enjoying two […]

What have I learned in May?

Pharos Intermediate Certificate I completed another Pharos Course towards my Certificate: 17th Century Sources, the final assignment is written, and due in next week. I was awarded 87%, a distinction, for my work on the course: Before the Modern Census – Name-rich Sources from 1690 to 1837 which keeps me on track for a distinction. […]

What have I learned in April?

Where on earth did April go? I spent the first week ws leading a Ffestiniog Travel tour to Mallorca, which despite Easyjet’s best efforts to throw a spanner in the works, went very well. As I was on the train to Gatwick an email popped up, EasyJet had cancelled the following mornings direct flight to […]

What have I learned in March?

I am settling in at the Society of Genealogists. The Stage 2 Evening Skills course I have arranged begins next month, and soon to be advertised are Stage 3, a course about researching ancestors in the seventeenth century and one on London geography and repositories. I have gained another distinction in the Pharos Course Building […]

Robert Humphrey Hopkinson 1923-1986 – The update

It has been a busy couple of weeks. Else Churchill is packing a huge amount into the Pharos course that I am working on, together with client work, putting courses together for Society of Genealogists and an assessment due for Strathclyde University hasn’t left a lot of time for my own research. Coming back to […]

Robert Humphrey Hopkinson 1923-1986

As I have finally completed the #52Ancestors challenge I have decided to move on to a “do over” of my family history research, one ancestor at a time. For each one I will be checking the accuracy of my research to date from what I have learned, looking for any gaps in my knowledge about […]

What have I learned in February?

I have been learning how to set up and administrate courses for the Society of Genealogists. There is quite an overlap with setting up group tours for Ffestiniog Travel, but a substantial difference too. So, plenty to learn, and enjoy. I have completed and passed the Pharos Course Apprenticeship Records and have finished Building on […]

52 Ancestors: Week 52 – Future

I am taking part in the 52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks challenge for 2021. The challenge is organised by Amy Johnson Crow who provides a weekly writing prompt. It has taken me longer than it should but here is the last post in this series. I didn’t feel qualified to write about the future of […]


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