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12 Days of Christmas #3

The Society of Genealogists 12 days of Christmas, continues with Three French Paupers in Westminster. This draws attention to settlement certificates and examinations. I have not yet used these in my own family history research but I am aware they can be a mine of information.

On the third day of 12 Days Wild and I focused on food waste, or rather not wasting food. I had bubble and squeak for tea last night, which made a second meal from left over Christmas dinner vegetables. One of my favourites. Today I made stock from the turkey carcass and froze the left over meat and cauliflower cheese. The Wildlife Trust have lots of suggestions to avoid food waste here:

I have a Beanies Coffee 12 Days of Christmas calendar. Day 3 was Salted Caramel “All-in-One” which, like yesterday, I have put aside with my travel kettle.

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