Operation Bletchley wildlife

12 Days of Christmas, Day 12

Over the 12 Days of Christmas, as we leave 2020 behind and step into 2021 I set myself 3 challenges.

  • 12 Days Wild, to complete a daily “random act of wildness” exploring the winter wildlife.
  • Operation Bletchley: Christmas in Berlin 24 MILES: 12 CODES: 12 DAYS. A fundraising challenge for ABF The Soldiers’ Charity which involves walking and codebreaking
  • Building the Lego Hogwarts Castle kit, my Christmas present to myself.

Well, as day 12 comes to a close I’m very proud to say Mission Accomplished.

For my 12th random act of wildness I decided to bring a bit of nature to my computer workstation. I spend a lot of time here, researching family history, helping with the Rhos Helyg Locoworks admin, and so on. I already have a window bird feeder in front of me but I have ordered a couple more window feeders including one for fat balls. I found some “Flutter Butter” and a window mounted holder for them. I’ve also ordered a wild bird water drinker to hang in the apple tree in front of the window.

I am looking forward to seeing more of the garden birds as I work.

I completed Operation Bletchley. In 12 days walked 24 miles and solved more than 24 codes. Mum and I tried to finish the hardest Cypher Expert level but we still had 6 unsolved codes including several we just did not know where to start. Admitting defeat graciously seemed the best course of action. I will still receive a medal for completing Codebreaker and Junior Levels. I would be delighted if you could click on the link to sponsor me. I believe donations remain open until the end of January 2021.

I have also just finished Lego Hogwarts Castle. I am delighted with it. It has been really good fun to build, very rewarding and an incredible level of detail. I loved Lego as a child and during furlough have built a few of the smaller Harry Potter themed kits, including several purchased second hand on eBay. This was a huge treat, something I have wanted to do for several years. You can view the completed model at this YouTube link.

I also purchased a lighting kit, but I really can’t recommend it. Hugely disappointing. The instructions for it are in Chinese only. The pictures included don’t appear to really match either the contents of the lighting kit or or the Lego kit itself. I should have known better than to buy a cheap product that wasn’t from Lego themselves. I managed to fit some bits, but ended up with wires trailing. I felt they should be hidden but couldn’t see how to do it. Other parts of the lighting kit I couldn’t fathom at all. I’ve requested a refund.

I am now looking forward to spending more of my time researching family history, both my own and for a few other people who have asked me to look into their origins.

I will be keeping up with daily walks, even if only to one of the graveyards that I am transcribing, or just the the war memorial to play Pokemon.

One reply on “12 Days of Christmas, Day 12”

Hello !

I have been following your blog since the beginning of the Operation Bletchley challenge. It was very cheerful. I also liked the Hogwart building challenge. Good luck with everything and I hope you will still try to solve the expert 🙂

Have a nice year !


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