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What have I learned in February?

I have been learning how to set up and administrate courses for the Society of Genealogists. There is quite an overlap with setting up group tours for Ffestiniog Travel, but a substantial difference too. So, plenty to learn, and enjoy.

I have completed and passed the Pharos Course Apprenticeship Records and have finished Building on a Solid Foundation, though don’t yet have my marks back. The latter especially has been really interesting and made me consider my research techniques.

My Strathclyde course this month has mainly been about maps and geographic locations. There was also a fascinating “lecture” on old money, coins, weights and measures. I have passed the first assignment of the term, apparently our collaborative group worked together better than most who were set the same exercise. I just have some editing to do before handing in my second assignment of the term, so next month will be all about the big assignment for this Module. We have been given two individuals and a scarce details about them and a common ancestor. The assignment is all about filling in the gaps. I have already got stuck into the research and I am enjoying puzzling it out.

I am reading Helen Baggott’s Posted in the Past for the Society of Genealogists book club. I have also read Annie’s Ancestors by Sarah J. Homer this month. Also ongoing is Tracing your ancestors from 1066 to 1837 : a guide for family historians by Jonathan Oates.

Meetings, Webinars, Courses etc this month:

19 February
Same Sex Love, 1700–1957: History and Research Sources for Family Historians
Gill RossiniSociety of GenealogistsSadly cancelled. I’m looking forward to it being rescheduled.
19 February
Scottish Research Resources before 1800
Chris PatonSociety of GenealogistsA fascinating talk, in which Chris Paton made it clear that Scotland is not England. He then gave us a “toolkit” of resources for early Scottish research and explained many of the differences in terminology. A very useful session.
24 February
On the Right Track: Researching Railway Workers
Ian WallerSociety of GenealogistsIan provided many suggestions of places to research my railway ancestors. I do not have many, but railways are a big part of my life so I find them particularly interesting.
26 February
My Ancestor was on the 1921 Census – Well, they should have been!
John HansonSociety of GenealogistsJohn was able to provide insights into using the 1921 Census that anyone employed by Find My Past would not offer. I am very much looking forward to it being included in a subscription rather than pay per view.

It was a deliberate decision to slow down and take fewer classes this month. Pharos and Strathclyde are both keeping me busy studying and I needed to concentrate on settling into my new job as well as starting a business.

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