Operation Bletchley

Operation Bletchley: Day 28 Sitrep

I carried on walking, after all I still have Pokemon to catch, and Stepbet and Waybetter challenges to make. It has been a busy week – a new job, assignments due for Strathclyde and two Pharos courses… I did fit in a bit of codebreaking, and the weekend diary is cleared to finish the mission.

The Fundraising

Operation Bletchley is raising money for ABF The Soldiers’ Charity, the National Charity of the British Army and you can make a real difference. You can contribute by sponsoring me: The codes will be available to purchase once the challenge has finished too.

Stories below are all courtesy of Operation Bletchley and ABF The Soldiers’ Charity, not my own work.

Berlin : 40 Miles

40 miles – You Made It

My final mission from British HQ is to save a family beyond the blockade. I was dropped to Köpenick in the Soviet zone, then I made the rest of the journey on foot.

At the rendezvous, I heard singing and spotted the family clambering over a mountain of rubble near the Großer Müggelsee. I met with your contact, an Austrian Naval officer, along with his new wife and seven children. They’ve been trying to return to Salzburg since the war ended, but the activity in occupied Austria has made passage impossible.

To help them on their journey west, I threw on a nun’s outfit and armed myself with fake travel papers. I then arranged for an ambulance to escort me and the family back to the British HQ. On the way, the Naval officer shared some information about Soviet fuel and ammunition supplies from his old friends – the Baroness and Max. This will provide vital to Operation Plainfare and the Western allies.

Back at HQ, I warm up with a cup of tea while waiting for your flight home. I’m confident that I’ve collected enough intelligence to beat the Soviet blockade. But, just when I think my work is done, the Section Warrant Officer appears with one final message for me to decode. Once I’ve decoded the message, I need to brief Major General Sir (Edwin) Otway Herbert, Commander of British Forces in Berlin, on everything I’ve discovered.

40 miles completed – daily walks

CodeJuniorCodebreakerCypher Expert

The Balkans : 80 Miles

80 miles completed – every step counts

CodeJuniorCodebreakerCypher Expert
2SolvedSolvedMum got it!
8SolvedI have the answer but don’t understand how!Solved

I am still battling a few Cypher Expert codes – another code breaking session is required this weekend, and possibly one or more £5 clues from HQ. The Facebook group for the challenge may have some hints too.

Operation Bletchley: Day 31 Mission Accomplished

In the end I walked over 110 miles in January, including a couple of walks over three miles. I have seen starling murmurations, and wandered around both Criccieth and Porthmadog. I have caught plenty of Pokemon, and seen signs of spring. The Fundraising You can sponsor me until the end of February 2022. If […]

Operation Bletchley: Day 24 Sitrep

New job day! Very exciting, and not much walking or codebreaking! But I had a codebreaking session yesterday, with lots of help from Mum, and we cracked quite a lot. A walk late afternoon a few days ago to see the starling murmurations helped a lot with getting to the walking targets. The Fundraising Operation […]

Operation Bletchley: Day 20 Sitrep

We have had dry but cold weather. Ideal for walking! I have a couple of longer walks planned to the weekend to should complete the walking part of the challenge with some time to spare for the final codebreaking. The Fundraising Operation Bletchley is raising money for ABF The Soldiers’ Charity, the National Charity of […]

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