Operation Bletchley

Operation Bletchley: Day 20 Sitrep

We have had dry but cold weather. Ideal for walking! I have a couple of longer walks planned to the weekend to should complete the walking part of the challenge with some time to spare for the final codebreaking.

The Fundraising

Operation Bletchley is raising money for ABF The Soldiers’ Charity, the National Charity of the British Army and you can make a real difference. Established amongst the planning for D-Day in 1944, the charity was created to ensure that every soldier, veteran and family member in need receives the help they require.

You can contribute by sponsoring me: The codes will be available to purchase once the challenge has finished too.

Stories below are all courtesy of Operation Bletchley and ABF The Soldiers’ Charity, not my own work.

Berlin : 40 Miles

28 miles – Cut Off

Today’s mission took meto the Villa Schöningen, close to the Glienicke Brücke. It’s being used as a hospital for Soviet soldiers, so I had to paddle by boat across the Tiefer See once more to infiltrate the Soviet zone. Spotting a patrol up ahead, I diverted down the river Havel to avoid detection and moored up in the shadows of the riverbank.

After travelling the last few miles to the villa on foot, I bribed the guards with a bottle of vodka and made my way to the rendezvous. I found my contact in the laundry room, her small child in a cot beside her. She was the British widow of a Luftwaffe officer who died in North Africa in 1942. She’s desperate to get back to England, but the blockade has cut her off from British troops.

Knowing I’m her only hope, I waited until nightfall before rowing her to the Western zone. Back at HQ, she explained details of an outbreak of disease among the Soviets. The Western allies will need to keep it at bay if they’re to successfully get supplies to Germans in the East.

As I parted ways with the refugee, I was given an important coded message from one of the 903 FSS’s agents.

Day 1717th January 20221.54 miles walked
Day 1818th January 20222.17 miles walked
Day 1919th January 20221.5 miles walked
Day 2020th January 20221.42 miles walked

33.11 miles walked 6.89 miles to go

CodeJuniorCodebreakerCypher Expert
8not yet receivednot yet receivednot yet received
9not yet receivednot yet receivednot yet received
10not yet receivednot yet receivednot yet received

The Balkans : 80 Miles

64 miles – Soviet Inteference

I set off in a hurry the next morning, refreshed after a good night’s sleep. It was another clear day, so I kept my head down to avoid Girbergsjager troops who had been reported enroute in Kupres.

When I arrived in Šemenovci, I was met by the local partisan leader. His group is on the Nazis’ elite troops’ line of attack. Our initial discussions are cold at best. It transpires that a Soviet military mission has become chummy with the group, and the partisan’s political commissar is aggressively anti-British.

Luckily, I had an ace in the hole: the British radio recovered from Todorići. So I quickly organized a drop of arms and ammunition from the British base on the island of Bari – a promise the Soviet’s couldn’t match.

I explained the hostile atmosphere in Šemenovci to my contact on the radio. They offered directions to a friendly hamlet nearby. On arrival, I had lunch with a fellow SOE agent who shared similar experiences of Šemenovci. He directed me to a British Major in Pribeja, codenamed Fungus. He also handed me a coded message to solve.

72 Miles – Devastation

My day got off to a shaky start. As I set off from the hamlet near Šemenovci, I was buzzed by a Nazi Fieseler Fi 156 Storch reconnaissance aircraft. Luckily, I had my weapon and radio out of sight. And since I was dressed as a peasant and walking among a small goat herd, the aircraft didn’t bother passing for a third look.

It was a harrowing walk to Pribeja. I passed through a razed village where every building was burnt or blown to smithereens. The winter sun gave the spine-tingling horrors nowhere to hide. I hurried on to Pribeja, where I was met by a British Major, codenamed Fungus, of the Inter Service Liaison Department. He had been providing intel about bomb raid targets until his radio was destroyed in an air raid. So I handed over that radio I recovered from the SOE agent in Todorići.

After sharing his intel on the radio, Fungus handed me a large package. It contained his full, coded report and a reel of photographic film that I need to take to the UK for processing. He said the airstrip near Opačić is my best bet, but the journey won’t be easy.

When I opened the package to take a closer look at the report, you found a coded message to solve.

Day 1717th January 20224.44 miles walked
Day 1818th January 20223.73 miles walked
Day 1919th January 20224.47 miles walked
Day 2020th January 20223.26 miles walked

75.47 miles walked 4.53 miles to go

CodeJuniorCodebreakerCypher Expert
2SolvedSolvedMum got it!
10not yet receivednot yet receivednot yet received

The end is in sight with the walking, I hadn’t realised that over half of my steps come from “incidental” walking rather than my daily walk and Pokemon Go playing. Those Balkans Cypher Expert codes are really difficult this time. Apparently there is a Super-Cypher at the end too!

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