Pentrefelin wildlife

12 Days of Christmas #11

We had hail today, and blue skies, and rain. One of those four seasons in a couple of hours type days. I watched the birds on the various feeders outside my office window. I only have to look up from my computer and I can see them. I’ve spotted blue tits and sparrows today. A group of 4 or 5 little birds that looked like sparrows but with longer tails spent some time on the wreath I made.

The Society of Genealogists 12 days of Christmas, continues with Eleven Pipers Piped in Ireland. They take the opportunity to remind us that the SoG library contains many copies and transcripts of Irish records made prior to the fire that destroyed so much in 1922. Incredibly useful for anyone with Irish ancestry.

On the eleventh day of 12 Days Wild I finally found some fungus!

I went for a walk through Criccieth, where hidden away there is a delightful space dedicated to nature. I found the fungus there. I know it is some sort of bracket fungus but I had to do some research to learn more.

With some help from Google and the Wildlife Trusts website I am fairly sure that I found turkeytail, or Trametes versicolor. Apparently it has been used to decorate both tables and hats!

I have a Beanies Coffee 12 Days of Christmas calendar. Day 11 was two more favourites: Cinnamon Hazelnut and Irish Coffee. I used up the Christmas Baileys cream in the latter. Yum.

Well tomorrow the Christmas decorations come down, and then my new boss says I have to start concentrating on studying and setting up a business. I have a Pharos course in Apprentice Records starting tomorrow and Strathclyde term begins on Friday.

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