Pentrefelin wildlife

12 Days of Christmas #10

We finally had sunny weather today. Hooray! It was a pleasure to go for a walk and I bumped into several neighbours making the most of it.

The Society of Genealogists 12 days of Christmas, continues with Ten Lords were a-Leaping Round the Peerage. As far as I know none of my ancestry made it into Burke’s Peerage. How about you?

On the tenth day of 12 Days Wild I continued the winter scavenger hunt provided by The Wildlife Trusts which I had begun at the weekend. I still don’t think I have any chance of finding snowdrops or frost.

The sunshine meant that there was finally a chance to see clouds against a blue sky, rather than just a wall of grey. I thought I could see an elephant’s face.

It has been ages since I have seen a robin or spider, but I will keep looking. I finally caught a starling murmuration on camera, but you will need to look closely!

I have a Beanies Coffee 12 Days of Christmas calendar. Day 10 was my favourite Gingerbread and my least favourite Coconut Delight.

Whilst I was out I also tried to take some “then and now” pictures of Pentrefelin. You can see the “then” on the Francis Frith website: How do you think I did?

A lot has changed in both scenes. The Post Office is now just a family home, where about seventy years ago a phone box and petrol pump can be seen. The Church Room has disappeared behind a newer house and the trees lining the lane have gone, with just a few stumps remaining.

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