12 Days of Christmas #7

Happy New Year. We aren’t planning a celebration here, just a quiet evening in with the cats. I really don’t know what happened to today. Once of those where I just don’t feel like I have go much done.

Operation Bletchley starts tomorrow, and I’m really looking forward to it. I’d be very grateful if you would consider sponsoring me, just click on the link:

The Society of Genealogists 12 days of Christmas, continues with Seven Swan Memorial Inscriptions in Soho. Swan is a lovely surname! Memorial Inscriptions are invaluable to genealogists, and that is why I’m very slowly transcribing those in my local graveyards.

On the seventh day of 12 Days Wild I spotted a dead badger by the side of the road. I reported it to Badger Found Dead which is helping to evaluate the link between bovine tuberculosis and badgers.

I had an email later in the day to say that they would be collecting the remains.

My walk today was in Porthmadog and I didn’t take any pictures.

I have a Beanies Coffee 12 Days of Christmas calendar. Day 7 was double chocolate and Amaretto Almond instant coffees which both went down a treat this morning.

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