12 Days of Christmas #5

Twixmas is rapidly approaching New Year. While many people are beginning to crave the routine of getting back to work I’m realising that my future stretches out in front of me without structure imposed by others. University terms and deadlines will provide some, but I can study, blog and research at any time of day that I like. Ensuring that I put in enough hours might become a challenge, though maybe the challenge will be knowing when to stop.

The Society of Genealogists 12 days of Christmas, continues with Five Gold Wells Wills rather than Rings.   The Society holds an index to the wills for the Diocese of Bath and Wells that were destroyed in 1942 including people with the surname Gold. It is a reminder that if the obvious records can not be found there is always somewhere else to look. If a birth certificate is not available maybe there was a birth announcement in a newspaper?

On the fifth day of 12 Days Wild I began making a wreath for the birds which I will hang in the apple trees outside my office window. Who knew how sticky apricots and raisins get when threaded on florists wire.

Tony thought I had gone quite mad when I mixed lard and peanut butter, then stirred in bird seed. I spread the mix onto pinecones I have been collecting on my walks. Tomorrow, after a night in the fridge I plan to wire them onto the wreath as well as bits of greenery I have been collecting. All picked up from the ground, not picked off trees!

I have a Beanies Coffee 12 Days of Christmas calendar. Day 5 was a Mint Chocolate “All-in-One” Hopefully there will be some more regular instant coffee tomorrow.

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