My family Pentrefelin wildlife

12 Days of Christmas #2

Fortunately no turtle doves have yet arrived, I dread to think what our cats Domino, Scrabble and Ludo would make of them.

The Society of Genealogists are sharing their own 12 days of Christmas, with Two Turtle Doves in India, Sarah Dove and Ellen Barons Dove. I had a a look at the ‘Women in India index’ but could not find any record of the Wadsworth family that I know visited India in 1940s.

For the second day of 12 Days Wild and I created a Nature Mandela. Instructions from the Wildlife Trust are here. I also encountered sheep being taken from one farm to another to be scanned.

I have a Beanies Coffee 12 Days of Christmas calendar. Day 2 was Mint Chocolate “All-in-One” which I have put aside with my travel kettle. I’m really hoping for an opportunity to use it in 2022.

As promised I spent some time catching up with my #52 Ancestors blog today.

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