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52 Ancestors: Week 35- School

I am taking part in the 52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks challenge for 2021. The challenge is organised by Amy Johnson Crow who provides a weekly writing prompt. I am way behind with my writing but I am trying to catch up.

The topic this week reminded me of some papers sitting at the bottom of a plastic storage crate. I have three crates of ephemera from my grandmother’s house, as well as photographs from my family and documents sent by other family historians with distant ancestors in common. Going through the crates and storing the documents in a ordered way is one of those tasks languishing on my to-do list. One day….

Anyway, I remembered some certificates from Grandma’s school days.

It looks as though Grandma went for about 2 years without a single day off school. Rather impressive! She must have been very healthy, or had parents who forced her into school no matter what.

That’s Grandma, aged 7 or 8, holding the board announcing that this school photo was Wickersley National School, Class 3, in 1924. I find it interesting that there was no school uniform, but several of the boys are wearing ties.

National schools were established by the Church of England Church, the one in Wickersley opened in 1855. Most are now Church of England (Aided) primary schools.

This photo was a year or two later, and I think the headmaster is the same. This is a single sex class, and the girls are all in uniform. Grandmas is the second girl from the right, standing at the back.

I am not sure at what age Grandma left school, or what, if any qualifications she had. However she was awarded this trophy when she was about 12 years old.

National School Sports
Awarded to
Bessie Wadsworth
for Highest Points Gain in

I wish I had spoken to her more about her schooling, I am sure it was very different to mine, as my education was very different to the current generation.

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[1] Draper, R. J., ed. (1988) Glimpses of Wickersley: A brief introduction to the history of Wickersley. Rotherham: Metropolitan Borough of Rotherham, Libraries, Museum and Arts Department. p. 27

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