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52 Ancestors: Week 14 – Great

I am taking part in the 52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks challenge for 2021. The challenge is organised by Amy Johnson Crow who provides a weekly writing prompt. This week the prompt is “Great”.

This prompt reminds me of a conversation with my 7 year old nephew. I had been discussing some of our family history with him on Zoom, I think we may have just been playing family tree Bingo. He referred to our ancestors as “our greats”. It is a phrase that has stuck with me.

He had obviously heard me referring to great grandma or 2nd great grandfather. I love though the subtle reference to our ancestors being “great”. They make us who we are to some extent. They certainly have great stories to tell, when we can unpack the evidence to find them.

I continue to share snippets of family history with my young nephew and nieces. Discovering that my family tree software, Legacy, has a bingo report made for a fun afternoon. I had to check a few details with my sister, but managed to produce illustrated bingo cards with my nephews ancestors going back 4 generations. Each one identified the relationship to him and their full name.

I have seen an idea on Facebook to introduce family history research to the younger generation.

Shared in the Family Treasures Reinstated UK Facebook group

Next time I am responsible for the children for a few hours I plan to have a go at doing this. We have a graveyard within walking distance and so we can go and choose a a name for them to research. I mentioned the idea to my sister who suggested that if we visited their local graveyard they would probably know the descendants as many people have lived in the village for generations.

I am always looking for ways to interest the next generation in “their greats”.

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