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A Collection of Slides

I’ve still not managed to make the title underlined, but it is a clickable link!
About a month ago I was contacted by a friend, Andrew Lance, who is scanning the slide collection of John Powell, known to us both through the Ffestiniog Railway. The majority of the slides are of various railways, but in with them are a selection of family weddings, Andrew thought that these weddings, if they could be identified might help with more accurate dating of the some of the railway pictures.

Between us we knew little of John’s family, but there were some clues on some of the slide labels, such as “Carol Minors wedding”. Using these clues, FreeBMD, Ancestry, FindMyPast between us we identified the weddings and drew up a family tree for John Powell. We were able to identify cousins who could be interested in the slide collection.

It has been a fun project to work on, and we would be happy to scan photographs of any format and use them to create a family tree.

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