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Bluebell won the fancy dress

I’m still working out WordPress – click the title above to read this blog post. I had a few minutes spare before tea and so I checked what the next thing to do on my family history to do list was. I’m trying to tick off an item or two on my 10 year old to do list each day while I’m furloughed from work. The next item was to find a baptism for my great great aunt Doris Stewardson. Her big sister, my great grandmother, had been christened at the Wesleyan Methodist church in Matlock at almost a month old so it seemed reasonable to look for a baptism for Doris. I keyed the basic details I had of her birth from the 1939 register, and the 1901 and 1911 Census into both Ancestry and Findmypast. Ancestry didn’t have anything I didn’t already know, but Findmypast showed a school admissions log book. No baptism, but never mind.

Digging around I found that Doris, and her siblings had attended Crich British School before moving to Crich Carr National school in 1909. A quick Google revealed that Crich Carr National school is now Crich Carr Church of England Primary school. I then stumbled across, a one place study, which has a page about the complicated school history of the town. Delightfully the page includes a picture of the Crich Carr National school pupils taken around 1913, of course I don’t know which are my ancestors, but it seems likely that Doris’ younger siblings Bluebell, Matthew and Harry are in the picture, possibly Doris herself too. The two older siblings, my great grandmother Adelaide May and Robert Stewardson would have left by then. It is wonderful to have a picture of them, even if I don’t know which children they are!

I carried on searching to see what else I could find out. I searched the site for “Stewardson” and found a transcript of the article in the Derbyshire Times describing the celebrations for George V coronation on 19th June 1911. I’m delighted that Bluebell Stewardson, my great great aunt won the girls fancy dress competition dressed appropriately as a bluebell, her Dad had served on the tent committee, and her Mum, after serving on the Ladies committee won a special prize in the fancy dress for her Mother Hubbard costume.

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